11 Sep

We are all familiar with that saying above. The "Don't judge a book by it's cover". Yes. That one. You have been told several times. But truly, how many of us heed this?

As an author, I grieve over my book cover design till I get the perfect one. The one that conveys my style and is also visually appealing to potential buyers. Because, let's face it, we ALL judge books FIRST by their covers.

Last Saturday, I walked into a salon to make my girls' hair in preparation for resumption on Monday. It was a salon I had never used so I wasn't sure of their skills. I personally know how to plait hair. I mean, I have been plaiting since I was in secondary school, some eighteen years ago. I plait my girls' hair for school because they prefer my "hand" and its bonding time for us.

But this was the start of a new session and my oldest was starting a new school (we're in secondary school now by the way, yay 💃💃💃). The OCD in me needed everything for the first day to be perfect.

So I walk into this salon and it's tush. The cost of children's school hair is N1,500. Each. Without extensions o. Remember, I have two daughters. I shrug. This is Lekki afterall. And for me, I was ready to splurge, I just needed them to look perfect for first day of school pictures. 3k will not kill me. E no go better for poverty. 😜

My people, I met a man plaiting a little girl's hair, about the age of my second daughter. The hair was actually finished, and it looked so perfect, I was excited. I asked them to do the exact style for my younger daughter. Older one had a particular style she needed to do. I actually asked for the same man to make their hair.

Ladies, please tell me I'm not alone on this. You know how when you go to a salon and meet a male hairdresser, you actually believe he is the better stylist? Ehen. That was what happened that day o. I insisted on him making the hair, mehn!

So I left them there with instructions to go home when done. I came home much later to the shock of my life! People of God, the hair was a mess! 🙆‍♀️
The little girls' own was okay (not perfect as I had envisioned), but my big girl aka "new school-goer" had on a horrible hairdo! It was done in different sizes and the lines were not even straight! And guess who made it? The male hairdresser! 😡

I was livid. Is this how these people would ruin my first day of school appearance that I had so carefully planned? Now the money was paining me but this was about way more than the money. Hay God.

After lamenting to my husband, he suggested that I speak to the salon owner. She was apologetic and asked us to come back the next day for a redo. We did. I sat there throughout and it was a female that did it this time and it was perfect!
This caused me to miss all my planned waka for that Sunday, but I was glad the hair was sorted.

Moral of the story: Don't Judge a book by it's cover. Or maybe you should. 🤷‍♀️
I don't know o jare.....
Thanks for reading my epistle. Let me come and be going....

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