03 Oct

As an author, few things top the joy you get from the successful publishing of your books. 😍😍

I thought I couldn't be happier than the day I held a printed copy of my book for the first time....

Today, I launch all three books on Amazon, and I am beyond excited!
We're Global, people!! 💃💃💃💃

This is a major goal smashed and I am so excited. Stay tuned, I will be sharing my tips for meeting and exceeding all your goals next year. It really is not too early to start. 

I appreciate everyone who has bought the books so far. And for those who have been waiting for the Amazon links.... Well, here they are: 👇




Please spread the word. These books are great stories, from the heart of Nigeria. You're going to love them, I can totally guarantee you.

Strong protagonists, with a cleverly spun storyline... Each book reads easily and is a page-turner.

If you have already read any, please leave a review. Now tell a friend to tell a friend. Thank you. 🙏


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