01 Mar


And just like that, we are in March!
The third month of the year!
The last month of the first quarter.
Deadline for those Q1 goals.

Just like that, today is the 60th day of the year!
What have I done in all fifty-nine?
I am having a mild panic attack. 
As I mentally review my first quarter goals.

Just like that, we're in the third month! 
My darling February, with all my babies' birthdays has gone by.
I find I have a lot to be thankful for. 
I cannot complain.

Just like that, it's a new month! 
New opportunity to make that difference.
New opportunity to smash that goal.
New chance to start afresh where you failed.

Just like that, it is March! 
A new page, a fresh start, a bright new dawn. 
Hello March!


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