28 Sep


I recently moved to Lekki from Ikeja. All the almost ten years of my marriage, while living in Ikeja, I never visited Mile 12 market. Have I told you before how I hate markets? Yes. I hate food markets. 

Those days I would shop in the nearby Ipodo market, sometimes Ogba Retail market, and if I was looking for a real bargain, Agege market. The prices were fair and the level of inconveniece was tolerable for me. 

My mother-inlaw would gripe about how I was wasting money and how tomatoes et al are cheaper in Mile 12, crayfish and dry fish cheaper in Oyingbo, and Egusi and some other thing cheaper in Mushin. 

Of course, I never heeded her. I couldn't imagine myself traversing the whole of Lagos just in search of good deals. 

Me that hated markets. No thanks!

Then we moved to Lekki. 

My goodness! The prices of foodstuff was twice what I was used to. Every month, I would need to substitute feeding allowance 100%! It was crazy. I was forever broke. When I couldnt take it anymore, I started asking my "normal" friends who lived in Lekki where they shopped. That was when I heard that they went to Mile 12 and did bulk monthly shopping.

"That dirty market?" I thought to myself, "God forbid.".

But when I couldn't cope anymore, I decided to patronise the market. The first time, those touts by the tomatoes end of the market scammed me. The second time, I was wiser. I even called my mother inlaw to announce to her proudly that I now patronised Mile 12 market. 

Three or more visits after, I was a pro. 

Till the day I was too busy to go. I needed to attend to some back to back projects, I just couldn't find the time.

I voiced out my problem and got an instant solution.

Someone recommended Iya Ruka and I engaged her. I had to pay 6k for the taxi that brought the goods and 2k to her. By the time I considered her transport fare back, I gave her 4k. In the end, I had spent an extra 10k because I didn't have time. 😳

The following month, my Ijebu side made me cancel the arrangement and go by myself. The things I had to shelve to make that trip? I knew it was foolhardy to continue. 

So I made a way, by sending my driver to pick the purchases, I could spend just 2k on fuel. And because Iya Ruka wasn't coming to my house, I could pay her 2k just for her shopping services. Win win. 👏👏

What is the point of this post?

Sometimes, we shorten our lifespan, trying to do too many things by ourselves. 

You see people offering a service and you say, "What? Why should I pay someone 'all that money' to do XYZ for me?"

Meanwhile you are dying under the stress of doing it all. 

Receive wisdom today. Patronise those in services that can help you. 

For me, Iya Ruka is the best thing that happened to me since moving to Lekki. 

In the comments, mention one service that has helped you stay sane in your busy life. 

One service that you can't cut down even if you were on a budget.

I'm listening.......

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