04 Nov


We have all heard one or two comedians, who when thrust to the limelight, declare that "when hunger wan finish me, I discover my talent fast fast!".

Loosely translated to mean "Hunger is a catalyst for finding one's talent."

We may have all laughed at such declarations, and scoffed at some who were born rich but started saying it to feel cool. Whatever the case, that is a powerful statement. 

The hunger/ lack/ want made him to dig deep and find that gift that he can turn to money. 

We live in interesting times. These days, the call for children to study medicine, engineering and law is not as great as it was in our times. 

These days, there are many interesting careers. These days, you can sell almost any skill/ service and have someone pay for it.

These days, as @Steph Obi says "Knowledge is the new GOLD."

Are you broke, jobless, feeling bored of your job, dissatisfied with life and feeling like you are making no impact on earth? 

Those are very strong WHYs. 

You can turn your situation around!

HOW? You may ask me. 

By digging deep! 

There is a popular story I read in one of those WhatsApp forwards that keep making the rounds without credit to any author. 

It told of a man who was so broke and kept praying to God to win the lottery. He prayed and prayed so hard, one day he cried out, "God why don't you answer me? I've prayed everyday for the same thing for a year now!"

And God answered, "Can you at least buy the lottery ticket???" 

Funny, he was praying but taking no action! God really wanted him to win it, but He would not come down from heaven to drop the cash in the guy's lap. He needed action from the guy. God always answers prayer like that with "What have you got?"

When Jesus wanted to feed the five thousand, he asked the disciples what was available. It turned out to be five loaves and two fish. And then He blessed it. And it fed fove thousand men.... Not counting women and children.

That is a powerful parable. God will bless you, but He needs your contribution. He needs your action. 

So today, I urge you to do two things:

1. Find your WHY. 

That strong reason to change your situation. 

2. Find your GIFT. 

That thing "in your hand". That talent you have been blessed with. That experience/knowledge that you can exchange for profit. 

And when you find these two, make a plan and launch! You have no business being broke, unhappy, dissatisfied in 2020. Take a hold of your situation.... And Change it! 

Its another Monday, here's to your success. 🥂🥂

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