03 Jan

I entered secondary school after just turning ten years of age. I was the best student in the National Common Entrance from my school, even though I was in Primary 5. I had scored 599 out of 630 and this had earned me a spot in my school of first choice on National Merit. I didn't even need to write the "Interview" exam.

As such, I bounced into Queen's College that day in 1991, feeling like a super star of sorts. Before you talk, I would say "Do you know who I am? I entered this school on National Merit." 🤦‍♀️ Kai. I was so silly then. Blame it on lack of maturity...

My pride eventually led to a fall, and my first term examination result saw me with 101st position out of a whole set of 270 girls! 🙆‍♀️ I was mortified!
Sadly, despite my best efforts, I ended up struggling in the whole of Junior secondary school, becoming just average. It did a lot of things to my pysche, but that is not the point of today's gist.

As soon as I got into Senior Secondary School, I was determined to get back into the game. I vowed that I would no longer be a spectator at Speech And Prize-giving Days. At least, this was S.S.1 and I had the privilege of choosing my subjects, so why shouldn't I excel?

People of God, I was determined o. I studied, I got serious and copied my notes, turned in assignments on time...
I saw my efforts yield fruits in every subject but Yoruba 😭.
Try as I might, I couldn't score above P7! It was frustrating! Worse, It was pulling down my average and stopping me from attaining an average score of 75% which would earn me the much coveted prize....

My father would look at my results and shake his head. He used to tell my mum then not to speak Yoruba to his kids, so I still hold him responsible for my not being able to speak. Yet, he would say, "Brenda, you have to put in more effort in Yoruba. It attracts the same 100% as Maths. You can conquer it if you try."

Ah, Daddy, I can't read the questions. How then can I attempt the answer? 😭😭😭

Want to take a guess as to what happened next?

Watch out for part 2.

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