Marketing/ Advertising

Marketing/ Advertising

Sarah was a true girl guide. Always prepared. They (she and her colleagues) had travelled for a training in Cote D'ivoire, and were staying in a nice enough Guest House. However the language barrier was an issue. Sarah spoke no French beyond "Bonjour" and "Au revoir". How she wished she had paid more attention to Madame Okonkwo in secondary school. She never knew the French classes would come in handy.

Anyway, she was prepared. She would need as little assistance as possible. Armed with her Phrases book, she would be able to ask for a meal, and ask for a taxi. She would otherwise be fine.

Her colleague Steve, was not faring so well. The day's training would start in an hour, meaning that they had to eave the hotel in fifteen minutes. And he had just found out that his shirt was rumpled! He had transported it in his suit hanger, so he was at loss as to how it came to be rumpled. Even though he was in far away Cote D'ivoire, he could not spoil his image by wearing a rumpled shirt. 

He called the Reception desk.

"Bonjour!" it was picked on the first ring. (Good Morning)

"Good morning" Steve relied. "Can i get someone to do some laundry for me? Like iron a shirt?"

"Excuse moi? Est-ce que tu parles français?" (Excuse me? Do you speak French?)

"Does anyone there speak English?" Steve answered exasperated. He dropped the receiver. There was no point.

He dialed Sarah's room. "Hey babe, how are you?"

"Good morning to you too, Mr Amodu". 

This Sarah babe can like to form.... what's with the formality? he thought.

"Please i need a favour. How good is your French? I need to communicate with the reception."

"Not too good, but with my Phrase book, i think i can try. I'm coming over".

She walked into his room next door and asked what the matter was. 

"I need you to help me tell the Receptionist that i would like an iron or someone to press my shirt."

"I'll do you one better. I have a travel iron. XSteam. Its the best ever. Try it and you will be a convert!"

"You are a life saver!" Steve gave her a bear hug. "Hurry, go and get it, please!"

Sarah got her portable Xsteam iron, and with his shirt hanging vertically from a clothes hanger, she showed him how to press the shirt in minutes! Steve's mouth was open the whole time! She added on the lint brush and showed him how to brush his suit till it was good as new!

"You know i could just marry you for this!" Steve joked. He was so excited.

"Abeg go jor! You joke too much. Get dressed and i will tell you how to get yourself one of these, on our ride to the training venue. I'll be waiting at the Reception."

She turned around and left with her wonder iron! She wasn't leaving it behind o.


Do you travel a lot and wonder how to keep your clothes always sharp throughout your trip? 

Or Do you hate the whole long process of setting up an ironing board and handling heavy steam irons?

Is your laundry man disappointing you?

Are you a fashion designer and every time you have to lift that heavy steam iron, you despair?

Or perhaps your laundry room is downstairs and every now and then you would like to quickly press one shirt or two?

Look no further. The X-steam USA is here for you! It's power has been configured to work in USA and Europe (incl Nigeria) with no step-down transformer needed. Check it out online for reviews, it's the best thing since sliced bread.  Literally! Watch the video to understand how it works.

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